Carolan Avenue/Rollins Road Multi-Family Residential Development


SummerHill Apartment Communities and D.R. Horton have completed a new apartment and townhome development at 1008-1028 Carolan Avenue/1007-1025 Rollins Road. The project was completed in July 2021.

Project Description
The following are pertinent details regarding the development:

  • Site Area: 5.4 Acres
  • Units: 268 apartments (built by SummerHill Apartment Communities), 22 townhouses (built by D.R. Horton)
  • Parking:  466 spaces for the apartments, 58 spaces for the townhouses
  • Building Heights: 61'-6" apartments, 34'-4" townhouses
  • Affordable Units: 29 units affordable to Moderate Income Households (120% of Area Median Income/AMI) for 25 years      

City Council Public Hearing - June 15, 2015
The Burlingame City Council approved the project and certified the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) in a public hearing on June 15, 2015. Video of the meeting may be viewed at https://www.burlingame.org/index.aspx?page=1306.

Planning Commission Public Hearing - May 26, 2015
The Burlingame Planning Commission conducted a public hearing on both the proposed development and the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. 

Meeting Documents:

Final Environmental Impact Report
On May 15, 2015, the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the Carolan Avenue/Rollins Road Multi-Family Residential Project was completed and copies were sent to the State of California Clearinghouse for review and circulation.  

The environmental consultant for the Project prepared responses to comments made relative to the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) which are included in the FEIR.  The following is a link to the FEIR:

Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) (PDF - 3.09 MB)

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) 
A Draft Environmental Review Report (DEIR) has been prepared to study the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project. The Planning Commission held a study session for public comment on the DEIR on March 9, 2015, and the public comment period concluded on April 3, 2015. The environmental consultant will prepare responses to comments to be included in the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR). The FEIR will be reviewed by the Planning Commission at a later date.

Hard copies of the DEIR and all referenced documents are available for review at the Planning Division counter at City Hall, and at the Main Burlingame Library. CD-ROMs of the DEIR and appendices may be obtained from the Planning Division free of charge.

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) (PDF - 14.2 MB)


Planning Commission Review - June 23, 2014
The Burlingame Planning Commission held an Environmental Review Scoping and Design Review Meeting as part of its regularly scheduled meeting on June 23, 2014. The meeting focused on reviewing the design concept and identifying potential environmental issues to be studied in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). 

Meeting documents:

Project Planner 
Kevin Gardiner, Planning Manager

Project Applicant
Elaine Breeze, SummerHill Apartment Communities